Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs

Today was the big event for selling my goodies to dog friends just like myself.  Everyone headed out to the Shelburne Musesum for the 10th annual Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs show.  There were over 80 vendors and 100's of dogs.  The day was a good success and luckily the weather held out.  Mommy gave me these pictures to share with everyone.  Since Mommy needed to concentrate on the selling, I had to stay home, but my good friend Chole was able to attend in my place to be a model for the bandanas.  Everyone thought she was so cute, which she is!  Even my friend Maggie showed up for the event. 

Mommy loves to take photos of white dogs.  This reminds her of her passed dog Pickles.  I never met Pickles, but always hear good stories

Mommy knows I like to represent my pitty friends.  Check out these characters!

Here are some Jack Russell friends that Maggie met.

Chole was a great spokes-dog for Beany Dog Bandanas; excellent customer service!!!

Here are pictures of Mommy's vision.  Isn't it great what she's done with my product?   (is that Daddy hiding in the back??)


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  1. Nice dog show. Looks like it was great fun!!
    Cloe is so cute!!
    Thanks for sharing.